Meet Tiki - Creator of Living Leggings

Aloha, I’m Tiki! I have been traveling around the U.S. for the past 5 years, teaching yoga and inspiring others. Growing up in Mobile, AL, my birth name was Matthew Leslie, but today I go by Tiki.

Helping others discover their own happiness has been a passion of mine for the majority of my life. Expanding consciousness and nourishing a new mentality of freedom and creativity has always come naturally to me. So one day I thought, why not continue this positive practice through the creation of leggings? As a teacher of acro yoga and dance, I come across a large number of unique students everyday. I discovered that leggings are a beautiful way to open my students up to a full and vibrant expression of themselves. The idea for Living Leggings really started when I was exposed to how comfortable women's leggings were. I noticed how much flexibility I had and how many compliments I received for wearing them. All of this brought me a new found burst of confidence, creativity and inspiration. If I could experience this new found sense of confidence and excitement just from leggings, why couldn’t others?

I started Living Leggings with the intention of creating a new paradigm and social standard regarding who can wear leggings and what defines comfort for both women and men. This is why my friend and I created the name Meggings for men’s leggings. We found humor in creating a word that encourages men to be a part of this growing trend with freedom. Wearing something that is comforting for their body and that promotes flexibility helps assist in this shift. It’s about time that men move into confidence while wearing leggings. We support our friends and encourage the use of our products with yoga, aerial silks, acro yoga, parties and everyday use. We are Megging new friends each day!

As humans, we naturally tend to express our personalities through our clothing. Having a pair of leggings that represents comfort, vibrant excitement and creative flow gives others an understanding of one’s inner expression. Wearing a pair of Living Leggings says, “I'm colorful, I love my life, I have confidence, I'm comfortable and I love to share that with the world.”  We are all friends in this world and wearing Living Leggings is a symbol of friendship, expression, and love. The leggings and meggings are a seed for metaphysical growth, expansion of the soul and the heart, just like a lotus flower.

In the initial start up of the company, there were a few doubtful thoughts running through my head; “Why would friends purchase leggings from me? Will they be successful? I chose the styles, so will my friends like my style?” Deciding which styles really spoke to me and I felt would speak to others was difficult at first. There were so many styles, I was sure there would be at least one person who would like each of them, but I knew I had to narrow down my options. I realized that the intention behind the company could help me pick the styles. With the intention to shift friends’ minds and hearts into an open and creative space, I was able to make the style selections.

It was also difficult to take the initial financial leap of faith. But I dealt with it by trusting the intentions of the company, and the work I love to do. I ordered hundreds of pairs of leggings without knowing if they would sell. The resulting success gave me a paradigm shift that I did not foresee! Abundance, Generosity and Trust! While I am the founder of Living Leggings, my friends help me all of the time with selling at various festivals, spreading the word and promoting by modeling their own pairs. I could not have gotten this far without them, and I thank them everyday!

While looking through the patterns and hand picking each pattern, I am normally listening to Flying Lotus, Tipper, Blue Sky Black Death or Lemon Jelly. Different kinds of music certainly have an effect on which styles I choose. The Neon Flower Leggings are largely inspired by Electronic music, and The Leopard Floral print is inspired by Island Music. The music of Tipper really inspired the creation of the "Multi Color Tribal Leggings". This pair’s color pattern allows for color shifting RGB lights to have an effect on their appearance. They will shift and morph in color when they are exposed to color shifting light! This is a bonus for my friends that are wearing them out to live music festivals or concerts!

In the future, we hope to reach a growth in our company that will allow us our own flexibility in being able to source materials here in America, and create leggings with our friends original prints and artwork. We are here to be a part of the shift. Every great journey begins with a single step. Each day we take a step forward!