Meet Veronika Radolovich - Creator of Laced with Sparkles!

From the very start I’ve been captivated by performance art and fashion. By the age of 4, I was rewinding and replaying Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman tearing her pink apartment apart and casting patent leather under a sewing machine. My mother took art and fashion in school, which made her a big influence on my life and a hero for turning me into Catwoman that Halloween. At 8 years old I fell in love with Rhythmic Gymnastics and began competing. I loved fabric shopping for stretchy iridescent materials to match the music, routine and design my mom drew up. Leaving my close group of friends, I attended high school at Rosedale Heights School of the Arts to pursue dance. When I was 16 I was introduced into the Gothic music scene in Toronto. Going through a period of depression,  I expressed myself through long nights of dancing to industrial music and exploring fashion. Dyeing, cutting, and altering my clothes and second hand shopping weekly to craft my outfits.

At the time, I was a very promising dancer with a bright career ahead of me. But foreseeing what life could be I left centre stage for dreams of traveling the world and finding its hidden secrets. I've always been a person that avoids walking in a straight line. I would rather cart wheel, and star jump towards the unknown!

This newfound freedom guided me to a symbolic arts gathering called Burning Man, deep in Nevada’s Black Rock desert -- a place where endless inspiration sparks dreams. A city created by a loving community of inventors, healers and artists. It wasn't until Burning Man that I realized my calling as a creator in the fashion realm.

Evolution was the theme of Burning Man in 2009. I created seven costumes based on the theme; a cavewoman, an underwater  sea scheme , and I did one bodysuit that was covered in cherry blossoms, representing my first burn and having my cherry popped. I had so much fun fashioning all these outfits that I realized it was something I wanted to continue... I could envision myself fabricating majestic costumes for individuals who wanted to express themselves further. Most people think Burning Man is just a big party, and it is... but there is also this element of performance and surprise and manifestation. Just being there gave me that canvas of possibility. And that was the beginning of my adventure into fashion and costume design!

Eventually finding settlement after many life lessons and adventures, I found myself at George Brown College exploring the construction and design behind garments. I find joy in creating costumes day to day because I love seeing how excited and in power my friends feel when they wear my creations and express themselves.

When I am creating, I usually find myself putting on a Robot Heart set from Burning Man. Their mixes have the power to take my mind on a journey! Other inspirations I get are from nature, emotions, culture and fairytales. Sometimes I'll draw sketches or start crafting non-stop until the piece is complete. Full on art fury! A vast amount of materials, glues, sparkles, trims, pompoms, tools, machines and mannequins are a regular part of my life. My primary intention with Laced with Sparkles is to inspire the individual and to make them feel special. The art should reflect them so that they are comfortable shining brightly out in the world. In the future, I wish for my brand to go beyond what I have built now, expressing unconditional love and promoting world peace.

 One of my favorite pieces called Gem. It looks like candy!

One of my favorite pieces called Gem. It looks like candy!

I source my materials all over Toronto or any place I travel. Everything I make is handmade by myself and made from home.  For custom orders a friend or client will approach me with an idea, sketch, or photograph in mind and together we work out a budget, measurements, timeline, materials, desired look and feel.   

I can’t wait to continue creating masterpieces for many years to come, and for people I have yet to meet along my journey!


It seems we have come full circle. We have gotten to know Sparkles on a deeper level. She lives life to the fullest, traveling to music festivals around the world, and creating masterpieces for the people she meets. She is a natural when it comes to visual composition and flow, and she seeks challenges in all mediums. So if there is a design you like but do not see in the store, connect with her through a personal message. Her designs are custom made to fit and mirror your beautiful spirit! You can purchase Laced with Sparkles goods by clicking here.