Meet Tiki - Creator of Living Leggings

As humans, we naturally tend to express our personalities through our clothing. Having a pair of leggings that represents comfort, vibrant excitement and creative flow gives others an understanding of one’s inner expression. Wearing a pair of Living Leggings says, “I'm colorful, I love my life, I have confidence, I'm comfortable and I love to share that with the world.” 

Meet Emi & Alvi - Founders of Gypsy Halos

My whole life revolves around "keeping busy" or focusing on something that replenishes my soul with a feeling of gratitude and support. I believe I learned this from my mother, who exhibits similar creative tendencies: long hours attached to a particular idea or craft, a perfectionist drive and an enduring desire to accomplish what she set out to accomplish. I believe I may have gained my capacity to go “all in” from my father; a lifelong firefighter. It takes a lot of courage to dedicate your entire life to what you believe in, and that's what I have done.